Acceleration 2,200

Sound installation

Hardboard, pine wood strips, exterior board, U profiles, pebbles


Acceleration 2,200

Technical basics
Acceleration 2,200 is a spiral, which, like the nautilus shell, unwinds with a pitch increasing in accordance with the golden ratio. Five loudspeakers are placed at the centre of the spiral which relay the audified seismic measurements into the room via a synchronous signal. The sounds propagate throughout the length of the gallery (approx. 6 x 25 m) depending on their frequency, and are reflected in different ways.

Artistic concept
The key process in the audification of earthquakes is acceleration, and for many years the factor 2,200 has served me as a kind of “acoustic modular”. The installation confronts this standard with the complex acoustics of the ambient space, and thus renders the sound spectrum physically experiential as one walks through the gallery space.