Art as Research II: Untitled

Landscape Project

Sharing, Challenging and Advancing the Discipline


Art as Research II: Untitled

Thinking of research as a social form of interaction between peers, not as a scientific knowledge production in which the arts should participate. This implies a shift in economics from one of trading artifacts, as it is in the art market, to one of paying effort and time invested. Thus alternative payment models for artistic practice and the development of alternative means. The attempt to create mutual reference among artists, sharing and challenging each other. An artistic PhD as a contribution to one's own artistic discipline (and again not as an artistic contribution to the scientific knowledge production machine), and thus cooperation across time and space. Learning from others and freely passing on, because the work is already paid for. Through the other form of expense allowance, the possibility of open source among artists, i.e. the provision of materials, procedures, ideas for art. The research results as "not-yet art", but with the potential to become art.

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