Art as Research

An attempt to draft some instructions for myself

Manifesto with ten theses on art as research

Published in Hochschule der Künste Bern (ed.): HKB | HEAB 2006. Bern 2006, pp. 23–31;
reprinted in Gerald Bast and Brigitte Felderer (eds.): ART and NOW. Über die Zukunft künstlerischer Produktivitätsstrategien, Wien / New York 2010, pp. 79–89;
in translation in Elie During, Laurent Jeanpierre, Christophe Kihm and Dork Zabunyan (eds.): In actu. De l'experimental dans l'art, Paris 2009, pp. 191–202.


Art as Research

Artistic concept
With the founding of my own institute “Y – Art as Research” at the Bern University of the Arts in 2003, it became compulsory to put my approach to “art as research” in writing. Within the framework of the university’s first yearbook, I subsequently penned a text, which is consciously written in the form of a manifesto. The yearbook itself was implemented as a dialogue; the co-authors commented on each other’s texts.
Since 2006, the texts have been available online. In 2006 an article followed in the Kunst-Bulletin, and the theses have been presented, distributed and discussed in lectures and podia in the following events, among others: “Walter Benjamin Festival”, Berlin; “European Conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts”, Amsterdam; “Tesla Seminar”, University College London; “ELIA Art Research Meeting”, Zurich ; “Epistemic Net”, ETH Zurich; “Sprung ins kalte Wasser”, Shedhalle Zurich; “Status Workshop”, Schering Foundation Berlin; “Borderline”, Essen; “EXPERIMENTA”, Annecy; as well as in individual talks at the following institutions, among others: Basel Art Institute, Imprimerie Basel, University of Basel, Lucerne Academy of Music, Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts, Academy for Film and Television Babelsberg, Technical University of Berlin, Manchester School of Art, M.I.T. Cambridge etc.

Description in: Florian Dombois and Philip Ursprung: “Kunst und Forschung. Ein Kriterienkatalog und eine Replik dazu”, in Kunst-Bulletin 4 (2006) pp. 30–35.