HTML and Flash



Technical basics
HTML website with an abstract on the audification of earthquakes, an index of scientific literature and exhibitions, contact data and notices of forthcoming events. In addition, there is a link to a series of Flash sites providing interactive sound samples from the recording sites which are available for listening: Time-Compression, Distance, Region, Site-Response and Tectonics.

Artistic concept
Any field of research involving sound is reliant upon its results being published. The advent of the Internet has spawned a range of new opportunities – and not only due to objectification through the browser. Whereas in the past the reproduction of sound samples was dependent upon records or other sound media – whose market was essentially controlled by the music industry – a website provides a virtual forum in which the auditory experience can be shared and reviewed at any time. The sound samples do not have to be memorised, but are available as a basis for discussion.
In the editorial of the Kunst-Bulletin (March 2004) Claudia Jolles wrote: “Florian Dombois’ maps of the world also display energy centres. Not spiritual energies, however, but physically measurable data from the Earth’s plates […]. Here the skill lies in compressing and converting a massive event down to the human scale and in the carefully calibrated provision of sensory stimuli based on abstract cartography.”