Sound installation

Acoustic parabolic mirror, 277 x 478 x 488 cm
Hardboard, roof battens, paint



Technical basics
To set up Bay the front windows of the Galerie Haferkamp were removed, and in their place I installed a concave parabolic wall. It was treated with various paints to match the façade. The new “façade” extended the pavement into the interior area and bundled the sound into a focal point. Access to the gallery was located in the apex of the curve.

Artistic concept
Haferkamp is a sound art gallery and Bay is a sound artwork. It is inspired by the acoustic parabolic mirrors in Greatstone, Kent, which the military used to guard the English Channel in the 1910s and 1920s and analogously brings to focus the acoustic events of the Eigelstein shopping mile. In addition, opposite the gallery across the street, there is a recess in the front of buildings. This recess is positioned vis á vis the parabolic wall in the same configuration as a transmitter to its receiver.
In the exhibition Brekzien, Bay also serves to insulate the gallery room and the first interior work What are the places of danger? from the exterior, and particularly from daylight.