7 synchronised monitors, mirror sphere, projector, electromagnet
Length of the video loop: 4‘59“
With the support of Christoph Oeschger (camera) and Fabian Gutscher (sound, smoke)
Single screen reduction on



From the gallery text at Kunstraum Lüneburg 2019: "A wind tunnel stands on the roof of the Zurich Art Academy. This is where most of the films for this exhibition come from. While many wind tunnels are dedicated to optimization, the artistic wind tunnel of the ZHdK undermines the faster, higher and further. Questions arise about flow research, which domesticates the wind in tunnels and records it photographically and filmically. What is behind the goal of making the wind visible, measurable and ultimately controllable? And, can in a wind tunnel only knowledge be gained that determines the shape of all things surrounded by wind or water: airplanes, baseballs or buildings? [...] Florian Dombois and Christoph Oeschger have produced a bundle of videos of the wind, the tunnel and its surroundings over the last two years. Initially, they wanted to create works from them, which they also would sign together. But then they decided to develop and compare their different ways of dealing with this place, the wind and the cinematic recording: While Florian Dombois plays with an orchestra of 7 monitors and continues his work as a sound artist, Christoph Oeschger‘s triptych follows the time layers of abstract flow images and moves at the boundaries of fact and fiction."