Free vibrations of the Kunsthalle Bern on record

Trigger: hammer; recording: SYSCOM Bartec 2003
Acceleration factor: 5.5125 (at 33 rpm)
Measurement taken July 2, 2006 with Martin Stolz, Burgdorf
Audio processing with Beat Müller, Bern



Technical basics
A simple blow of the hammer is sufficient to trigger vibrations from an edifice such as the Kunsthalle Bern. The building then vibrates like an inaudibly deep bell within its own frequency spectrum. In this case, the blow was applied on the exterior façade, and the vibrations were recorded in the centre of the building and subsequently audified, i. e., slightly accelerated to render them audible. The acoustic results of Enter only exist as a dubplate. The audified measurement was cut directly into the acetate and the digital original files were subsequently deleted.

Artistic concept
What sound does a building produce? Wooden? Metallic? Muffled? Or sharp? Enter is a kind of material test, on a larger scale. The work explores and characterises the Kunsthalle Bern in the form of an acoustic signature. And it invites us to imagine other exhibition spaces and museums, in fact every building, as a sound object possessing different sets of pitches and tone colours. The city as an inaudible set of bells, which, for example in the event of an earthquake, all begin to chime at the same time.