Friendly Fire


Model helicopter, two wireless cameras, 3D projection, passage between outside and inside


Friendly Fire

Technical basics
A model helicopter is fitted with two wireless cameras that transmit a live video stream of the flight into the exhibition space. There, the two stereo images are projected in 3D. During the happening the helicopter itself flies in from the street through an open window, its cameras focusing on its own image being transmitted, until a video loop is generated. Afterwards, the helicopter flies out of the building again.

Artistic concept
What happens if a drone flies into its own control centre? Who is observing whom? How can what we call in theatre the ‘fourth wall’, namely the symbolic wall between exhibition space and street, be perforated? How does the first-person shooter feel when moving in front of and within the museum in real time and then looking his or her own avatar in the eye?

Description in: Bernhard Bischoff: Looping Memories, Barcelona 2010.