Horizon with Seven Hills

Technical drawing

Transparent neon paper, thermo-hygrograph, shop window


Horizon with Seven Hills

Technical basics
A combined thermometer and hygrometer are placed in a shop window of the gallery and register the climatic fluctuations there week by week. Depending on the weather the notations create peaks of various heights, resulting on the paper in seven hills (day) and seven valleys (night). The sheet does not show a scale.

Artistic concept
A drawing with two horizon lines, the upper one more strongly modulated than the lower – a landscape in the reduced style of Chinese scroll paintings. Where might the seven hills be? This idyllic scene was created through the use of technology on the frontier between projection and reception: Horizon with Seven Hills works with a measuring device often found in museum galleries, where it is deployed to monitor climatic constancy. Moving the device into the window, it charts both the physical and social energy leap that takes place on the threshold between the inside of the White Cube and outside.