Nah am Original

Five Authors Reply to Albert Einstein 1905

Project for a different way to interpret scientific texts

Concept and Editors: Florian Dombois and Guy Krneta
Authors: Ilma Rakusa, Michael Schindhelm, Jürgen Theobaldy, Peter Weber, Sabine Weng-Chin Wang; further contribution: Dietmar Dath
Basel, Urs Engeler Editor, ISBN 978–3–938767–37–5


Nah am Original

Technical basics
Five contemporary authors are each asked to examine, from a literary perspective, one of the five essays Albert Einstein wrote in 1905 for the Annals of Physics, and to formulate their own, artistic reply.

Artistic concept
2005 marked the hundredth anniversary of Einstein’s works on the theory of relativity, the photoelectric effect and Brownian motion. In celebrating these achievements, people usually discussed only the content and not the form of Einstein’s texts. But how are principles of natural science in fact presented to scientific audiences? How do the findings reveal an impact beyond strictly scientific discourse? The project Nah am Original (‘Close to the Original’) focuses on the aesthetic dimension of scientific production, juxtaposing reprographic prints of Einstein’s essays with five new literary texts.