Off the Records

Kinetic object

Furniture on six spring elements, metal frame


Off the Records

Technical basics
An “inert mass” is put on springs in such a way that it is transferred into a “floating equilibrium”. Every time it is touched it oscillates for some time.

Artistic concept
The main piece of furniture in the Galerie gelbe MUSIK is a cabinet for filing records and large-format papers in which key scores and sound storage media of new music and sound art are stored and presented, including originals by, e. g., John Cage, Earle Brown, Robert Ashley and Christina Kubisch. The weight of this cabinet – a symbol of the avant-garde’s creation of traditions – was destabilised using six spring units and was thus again subjected to external influences.
“For your information, the Nefertiti in the Neues Museum in Berlin is standing on comparable spring elements, S1-13, but in this case protection from vibration was the top priority.” – Dr. Karl-Heinz Reinsch (from the company GERB, Vibrations Control Systems) in an e-mail dated October 21, 2009.