Artist’s book (edition 1,000)

Concept and texts: Florian Dombois and Eran Schaerf
Graphic concept: Manuel Raeder and Eran Schaerf
Design: Manuel Raeder
ISBN 978-3-033-02145-7



Technical basics
A room is divided by a partition. In both of the spaces thus created there are video cameras recording images that are projected in the other space. This enables various performative constellations, e. g., here is a sculpture, and there the viewers discussing it. The projection exhibits what the partition conceals in each case.

Artistic concept
If art is to be discussed as research, how and where are the results of this artistic research debated? How must a room be prepared to allow for an appropriate discussion? How would such discussions be set up dramaturgically? In order to develop this special form of examining art, I cooperated with Eran Schaerf to design a space that brings the artist, the artwork and the audience together to engage in the research discourse in a way that goes beyond the conventional logic of the exhibition space or lecture hall.