Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM 1)

Multiple (numbered edition of 10 + 2 pieces)

Set of 6 templates made of poster board (one side coloured) in a protective sleeve,
31.5 x 31.5 cm


Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM 1)

Technical basics
PREM 1 serves as a negative template for winding up a true to scale shell model of the earth, made of wool (1:1,000,000, cf. PREM 2).

Artistic concept
Since 1981, geophysics has been using a model for explaining the structure of the earth that can be applied in many different contexts and which is designated as “PREM” or the “Preliminary Reference Earth Model” (Dziewonski and Anderson in: Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 25, 1981 pp. 297–356). The dialectics of “preliminarity” and “reference”, which are explicitly attributed to this model, formed the starting point of the investigation: what is the nature of a reference I am unable to validate? How can precision and ambiguity be realised simultaneously? How can one remain nevertheless true to scale?