Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM 2)

Multiple (numbered edition 10 + 2 pieces)

Ball of wool Ø 12.7 cm in a cardboard box, 6 variously coloured threads of wool (ca. 0.55 km), wound up in accordance with the templates used in PREM 1


Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM 2)

Technical basics
PREM 2 is a ball of wool, comprising six variously coloured woollen threads, which were wound into a true to scale shell model of the earth (1:1,000,000, cf. PREM 1). The colours correlate with the RGB (red green blue) scheme.

Artistic concept
PREM 2 is predicated on the same principle as PREM 1 and subjects the “Preliminary Reference Earth Model” from Dziewonski and Anderson (1981) to an examination of its “preliminary” and “referential” character: woollen balls are a transitory stage in the process of knitting – forming a spatial object from a linear thread.