Resonanzböden 1–8

Performance and interactive flash installation

Touchscreen, computer, loudspeakers, amplifier, 53.4 x 43.2 x 86.3 cm
Measurements taken July 2, 2006 with Martin Stolz, Burgdorf
Acceleration factor: 10
Programming with Martin Bezzola, Bern


Resonanzböden 1–8

Technical basics
For Resonanzböden 1–8 (Sounding Boards 1–8) I jumped down onto the floors of the Kunsthalle Bern from a height of around 50 cm in order to excite the building’s natural vibrations. The signal was recorded in the middle of the room and audified using an acceleration factor of ten. A touch screen on the exhibit allows you to touch different areas on the ground plan and listen to the respective resonant frequencies. N.B.: Preliminary tests with various types of footwear (leather soles, clogs and trainers) exhibited no discernible difference in sound.

Artistic concept
Using the floor as a drum: do the resonant frequencies allow us to make any definitive statements about the material, the stress on and structure of the floors? How does the experience of jumping impact upon the normal tour through the exhibition rooms during which one only subconsciously perceives the vibrational characteristics of the floor? The movement of the finger over the ground plan, the tapping of the screen, corresponds to my scaled-down jump, and my jump is analogous to the scaled-up gesture of playing an instrument.

Comprehensive description in: Florian Dombois: “Resonanzböden 1–8”, in Holger Schulze (ed.): Sound Studies, Bielefeld 2008, pp. 287–296.