Seismic Stations

Picture book

168-page screwed, 6.0 x 8.4 cm; print run: 1,000
Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, ISBN 3-88375-541-9


Seismic Stations

Technical basics
The Global Seismographic Network (GSN) of seismologists maps earthquake stations located around the world. These stations can be found on the FDSN-website, and are documented with technical descriptions and, in several cases, photos. Taken from this resource, Seismic Stations is a compilation of 81 photos arranged in alphabetical order, each indicating the station name and its abbreviation on the rear.

Artistic concept
Where feasible, seismic stations are positioned at some of the earth’s most inaccessible locations; the further they are away from settlements or roads, the better the quality of the recorded measurements. Seismic Stations shows an extract from this alternative geographic classification, which runs counter to the conventional network of global reference points, such as major cities, airports etc. The images were shot independently of each other by various scientists, and show globally recurrent motifs in a range of variations. Consequently, one could regard Seismic Stations as a kind of ethnological study, in which the seismologists under investigation photograph themselves, resulting in a collection of photos revealing their common professional interests and also reflecting their different cultural backgrounds.