Spaces Out Of Delay (Lithographs)


Lithographic print on paper
Variable sizes arranged in 3 portfolios


Spaces Out Of Delay (Lithographs)

Method 1
Place one stone plate horizontally and, above it, position a second stone plate on a rack, frontside down in a slightly slanted position. Apply ink to the upper edge of the upper stone until the ink runs down the front of the stone. Allow sufficient time for the ink both to run down, to drip, and to dry.

Method 2
Label two horizontally positioned stone plates with the name of a given dripstone cave; paint the corresponding cave structure on one stone (turpentine-based ink, upper stone) and the paths of the water flowing through it on the other stone (water-based ink, lower stone), and immediately join them to form a sandwich; allow sufficient time for the stones to rest together as a sandwich, and to dry after they are separated.

Method 3
Position the stone plate horizontally; put an absorbent material on it and between the two apply ink so that stone and absorbent material can compete for the ink; allow plenty of time.

Method 4
Place the stone in the press without prior treatment; only moisten the stone, then start the press without further moistening; print until the stone gradually dries and starts to accept the printing ink; stop when the ink has conquered the entire surface of the stone and the paper displays a monochrome field.