The Channel

Sound installation

2 screens made of bendable plywood, hinged, on wheels, each 195 x 255 cm


The Channel

Technical basics
The coastlines at Dover (UK) and Calais (F) were each scaled down to form a basic structure. Two panels of bendable plywood are placed over both structures and glued into place. Attached on one side by hinges to the wall, each screen can then be opened inwards into the room on wheels.

Artistic concept
The Strait of Dover forms a natural funnel running from west to east, which causes the tidal current to back up. Instead of an equilibrium tide of 79 cm, the mean spring range reaches heights of up to twelve metres. Consequently, the harbour basins in these regions have correspondingly high quay walls. As a model and a metaphor, The Channel renders physically experiential and accessible the geological narrowing of these straits where the Atlantic flows into the North Sea. The intervening space reflects the acoustic waves of the exhibition hall, similar to sea waves clashing against the coastlines.