The Wind Tunnel Model

Landscape Project

Metaphor Machine at Zurich University of the Arts


The Wind Tunnel Model

The rejection of an artistic research that writes only about research and about art. The rejection of problem thinking that searches for solutions, but offering a solution, that searches for problems. The construction of an open space, thinking space and meeting place that survives in the institutional logic of booking rooms, because a wind tunnel can no longer be cleared away. The work on nature, on control and loss of control. The wind tunnel as a mold that gives form to the wind. Anyhow, to give the ephemeral not only a place but also a form.

Reading suggestions:
Florian Dombois: The Wind Tunnel Model – Transdisciplinary Encounters, Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2017
Wind Tunnel Bulletin, 2013–ongoing, online edition on