Triple Instruments

Kinetic Sculpture

Kite with hummer, string, ground instrument, if necessary with electric amplification
First edition: For anyone to build
Second edition: For other artists to develop further
Third edition: An ongoing series of works


Triple Instruments

Technical basics
The Triple Instrument connects a string instrument on the ground (C) to an airborne kite (A). The connection is made by a string (B), the instrument’s soul. The string is moved by the wind and the kite. Through the string sound waves are transmitted from sky to earth, then return upward.

Artistic concept
Hear the sky make music. – And play along with it. – Listening through the string.
First: Triple Instrument is an artwork for everyone, an artwork anyone can give their own form to: Anyone who holds the string of a flying kite and threads it through a sounding instrument. Anyone who extends an instrument’s string skywards, by attaching it to a kite. Anyone ready to fathom the wind’s own spectrum, from the lightest breeze to a life-threatening hurricane. Stay alert.
Second: Foundation of a Sound Kite Orchestra/Ensemble, intended to have a shifting membership.
Third: Formats include drawings, the construction of various instruments and kites, concertante performances and museum installations.