uboc No.1 & stuVi2

Public Art Installation

Laser, rangemeter, visualization display (website / mobile phone), two skyscrapers
Installed at the 2013 Conference of TransCultural Exchange, Boston
905 x 90 m


uboc No.1 & stuVi2

Excerpt from the description of curator Mary Sherman:
"It is an elegant metaphor, the perfect Conference centerpiece. Situated at a unique crossroads, the laser stretches across the only juncture in America where all the most common modes of transportation and ways in which people are brought together converge: It spans a major interstate (I-90), busy flight pattern (Logan Airport’s), waterway (the Charles River), railroad line (Amtrak and the local commuter rail) and auto and pedestrian bridge (the Boston University Bridge).  
The laser links the towers, which are more than half a mile apart. Their foundations are tied to the same shifting tectonic plates that make up the Earth's elastic crust. Locally, they are buffeted by the same surrounding traffic and winds. Consequently, they move sometimes closer, sometimes further apart. They share much in common; yet, like between us all, a distance remains. The buildings chosen for Dombois’ uboc No. 1 & stuVi2 also share similar physical attributes – most notably, their roof and profile. One, though, is designed by a star architect, older and clearly of a previous generation. The other is designed by an architectural firm, clad in shiny, new materials, more contemporary and unmistakably ambivalent in its relationship to its elder. Despite stuVi2's commanding height and placement, its mimicry of the School of Law's profile reflects the same fear, mingled with longing to break away from its roots that its inhabitants and, at times, all of us must feel towards our own individual and collective pasts.
The projected 'conversation' between the two structures is crucial to the piece's meaning. Dombois encourages us to view the work as more than a spectacle. The laser visually binds the buildings into a singular form; the projection, though, reveals something less rigid, another mode of being – one that does not overpower, merge or subsume the other into a new formation. uboc No. 1 & stuVi2 touches upon the heart of what it means to be human – the necessity of flexibility and exchange. It presents a fluid give-and-take reciprocity, an ever-evolving basis for a more enduring connection. [...]"

Cf. also the video made by Rickey Wilson and the interview done by Josue Rojas