Win (No. 1)


May 16, 2007, Kunsthalle Bern (in advance of the Allan Kaprow Retrospective 02/06/2007–26/08/2007)

Participants: Narcisse Tordoir, Elfriede Schalit, Renée Magaña (behind camera)


Win (No. 1)

Following a panel discussion with Bethan Huws and Florian Dombois, a dinner evening took place in the Kunsthalle. Over dinner, the Kunsthalle staff member Renée Magaña reported that 1,500 copies of the catalogue Sol Lewitt – Wall Drawings 1984–1989 (exhibition duration: 27/01/1989–12/03/1989) must be sold urgently due to lack of space. However, the quantity involved posed a problem: for, evidently the surplus stifled any demand for the catalogue. To alleviate the situation, I signed one catalogue, as my own multiple, and Narcisse Tordoir accepted this copy for his library in Antwerp. This was documented with the Kunsthalle’s own camera and I paid the Kunsthalle (represented by Elfriede Schalit) 20 SFr. for the documentary photos and their rights. The concept was approved for application with further artists.

Artistic concept
Taking as my starting point artists’ usual lamentations and their critiques of capitalism and the modern era, I sought to invent a type of barter exchange, which, despite being highly unconventional, yielded a win-win situation: (i) The Kunsthalle had to store one less copy of the catalogue. They acquired a marketing concept for the remaining 1,499 copies, together with 20 SFr.; (ii) The artist Tordoir was able to take home with him a signed catalogue; And (iii) for 20 SFr. I fashioned an artistic work, including utilisation and copyright for the documentary photos.